New Officials Checklist (Registration for the 2019-2020 season will open up the first week of May). Before being assigned to officiate an NCHSAA game, there are some steps to take. Below you will find step-by-step instructions to make registration painless.

  1. Sport Decide which sport(s) you want to officiate. Click here to visit our sports page.
  2. Register as an Official (Don’t’ use Internet Explorer as your web browser)

Registration Deadlines:

  • Fall– (Football, Volleyball and Soccer): June 15
  • Swimming– November 15
  • Winter– (Basketball, Wrestling): September 15
  • Spring– (Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse): December 15

How to Register:

  1. Visit the Registration Page. Create a username and password by clicking on “Click here to register”. If the deadline for the registration session for the sport has passed, the late fee will be waived for new officials only.
  2. Once your profile has been created, then you may register for the sports of your choice. Log into your account, with username and password that was just created. Your password will be emailed to the email address listed from creation of your profile.
  3. Click on “registration” header at the top of your profile, it will prompt you to our registration page. Check the sport(s) you plan to officiate for this season, then click on the drop-down menu to the right of the sport to choose which Regional Officials Association (s) you will work with. Click on “Update this registration” to finish the process.

Regional Supervisor
Contact your local regional supervisor per sport you registered for. View the list of supervisors. It is imperative for new officials to contact their local Regional Supervisor following registration with the NCHSAA to verify that you are indeed on the roster of the Regional Supervisor. By doing so it shows a sense of responsibility and eager attitude that we look for. IF, you are not listed on your regional supervisor’s roster please call the NCSHAA Officiating Department at 919-240- 7374, so we can rectify the situation.

  • Your local regional supervisor will provide local clinic attendance contact(s), local association meeting dates and times, set scrimmages and game assignments.
  • View the Rules Clinics and Annual test dates.

Below is sort of a checklist of the preseason requirements necessary for eligibility, if you plan to officiate any NCHSAA high school contests.

All officials must register and complete the pre-season requirements for eligibility to work NCHSAA assignments.
Requirements are as follows:

Complete Registration and Payment

  • Personal Information
  • Background check authorization – Two responses required
  • General Registration – “NO” if wanting to be an eligible NCHSAA official
  • Regional Association
  • Payment

Requirements for Eligibility Once Registered:

  • Background Check
  • Local Clinics Attendance
  • Local Association Meeting Attendance
  • Scrimmages
  • State Rules Clinic
  • NFHS Concussion Course
  • NFHS Sport Exam
    • 75 + Regular Season Eligible
    • 80 + Post-Season Eligible

Lastly, as part of a recruitment initiative, the NCHSAA will discount the registration fee for a first-
time official. This is only for officials new to officiating with the NCHSAA (not new to a different sport
than previously officiated).

  • You must first register before the NCHSAA can go into the system and waive the registration fee.
  • When instructed to pay, “do not pay”. Send an email to stating you have completed the registration process up to the payment step. Our office will update your account to reflect the discounted rate ($31 for insurance and background check).
  • If you make a payment before the NCHSAA can waive the fee(s), you will NOT receive the discount nor a refund for the difference.
  • Once complete, the NCHSAA will give a response email indicating the fee has been waived. You will then go in and make payment to complete your registration.

If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to let me know.