Officiating Guidelines for the Blue Ridge Athletic Conference

These procedures and amendments to the NCHSAA Rules were developed at the Blue Ridge Athletic Conference Athletic Director’s meeting of June 6, 2019 and subsequent discussion.


Profanity in any form by any individual is unacceptable.  If a player, coach or individual in the technical area uses profanity, they are to be sent from the match.  If a spectator uses profanity, the match administrator is to be notified and the individual sent from the match.

Team Bench and Technical Area

Team areas will be on opposite sides of the field, diagonally across from each other.  The technical area will be marked but may be from ‘25’ to ‘25’. Coaches are expected to stay in their technical area.

Player Equipment

Player equipment will consist of a numbered jersey, shorts, socks, shoes and shinguards. Jerseys may be of any color or color combination if distinguishable from the opponent’s uniform.  Keeper jerseys should be distinguishable from field players. Socks must cover the shinguards.


Administrator or administrator designee from the home team will be present at every match.

Send offs

Send offs (Red Cards) will be for both Disqualifications and Ejections.  For a disqualification, the player will sit out the remainder of the match and may not be replaced.  For an ejection, the player will sit out the remainder of the match and not be replaced during that match.  Additionally, the player will be ineligible for the next match.

Duration of the Match

Duration of the match is two Thirty-minute halves.  Time will be kept on the field by the referee. It will be a ‘running clock’ except for water breaks, if water breaks are used, and injuries.

Water Breaks

Coaches and officials will decide prior to the start of the match if water breaks are required.  If used, the referee is to stop the clock, and allow 2-3 minutes for the water break. It is not a ‘coaching’ opportunity.

The Clock

The clock will be stopped for all injuries until the injured played is removed from the field.  If removal may be a prolonged period, the ‘home’ AD may choose to consider the match as complete.

At the end of the match, if, in the opinion of the referee, a coach has changed his/her pattern of substitution to apparently waste time, the referee may stop the clock, warn the offending coach that a continuation of the new pattern will result in the clock being stopped on each occurrence and may result in the coach receiving a caution (yellow card).


Overtime will be used to decide a winner if the score is tied at the end of regulation play.  A coin flip will decide which team has the kickoff and which team will defend which goal. Two full five (5) minute periods will be played.  If the score is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, the match is over and is recorded as a tie.

Weather Suspension

Weather Suspension after the start of the match will be for either thunder or lightening as determined by the referee or a designated ‘weather official’.  The suspension will be for thirty (30) minutes and will continue in thirty (30) minute increments for each subsequent occurrence unless match continuation is deemed safe by the referee.  If the delay becomes a total of one (1) hour from the initial stoppage, the match will be considered complete.

NOTE: at any point after the start of the match, the ‘home’ athletic direct may terminate the match.

Any Rules not specifically addressed above will be the NFHS Rules as amended by NCHSAA for the 2018-19 school year.

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